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About Brick Pavers and Concrete Brick Pavers

Improving your outdoor living area is a great way to add curb appeal and value to your home. Whether you’re installing a new patio, sidewalk or replacing an asphalt driveway consider concrete brick pavers for your material selection. A paver is a stone, concrete block or brick that is used to lay on a flat surface to make a patio, driveway sidewalk or walkway.

The best types of pavers are those that will interlock with the sand that is placed between them. Traditionally brick pavers are manufactured in 4" x 8" by 1 1/2 " thick or 6" x 12" by 1 1/2" thick. Pavers are made out of clay and kiln dried and brick pavers are very strong and can test out over 12,000 PSI.

Advantages of interlocking paving stones include strength, crack free and affordable. The paver's top edges are usually beveled to emphasize and enhance the pattern in which brick are laid. Also the bevel prevents chipping during installation.

Brick pavers are a bit more costly than concrete paving stones. Concrete bricks pavers which use mortar give a familiar, traditional appearance, yet it can be vulnerable to cracking resulting from ground shifts below the surface. Concrete brick pavers come in various finishes including Classic, Antique and Grenart. Concrete paver manufactures frequently warranty their products for up to 25 years and include protection for abnormal deterioration due to the use of deicing salt.

The no-mortar, sand-based technique for paving, has increased in popularity in recent years, because of the ease of installation, durability, strength and cost.

Driveway pavers have unlimited color options allowing you to develop creative designs or have a look at one of our popular templates.

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