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If you have a blacktop driveway, you know all too well that it needs periodic care. The best way to protect your investment in your asphalt pavement is to be diligent about preventative maintenance such as crack filling and seal coating. One of the most important tasks is to patch any holes in the driveway. A hole left untended can deepen and cause your driveway to crack. Asphalt patching is necessary for areas that are heavily cracked, sunken, has potholes or is raised by roots or has water damage.

Asphalt patching consists of saw cutting the existing asphalt around the failed area, ensuring that all cuts are straight and corners squared. The failed area is excavated to the specified depth, which is at least as deep as or deeper than the existing asphalt and the failed material is hauled off-site for recycling. The subgrade will be inspected and appropriate action will be taken such as bringing new crushed rock and providing new compaction.

The appropriate hot mix asphalt types are then applied either by hand or via paver.